Facts of Life Workshop

This workshop provides a review of ten issues of contentment that everyone needs to be aware of and understand in order to overcome depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions and all other obstacles to serenity. Based on the book Facts of Life: Ten Issues of Contentment, the workshop summarizes the researched and proven principles and skills required to accomplish contentment in our lives.

Cost: $150 (Discounts for clients of Consiliom™ therapists)

Length: 3 hours (Presented every other Thursday afternoon)

Maximum participants: 8

Prerequisite: None

To register for this program call 480-695-0252 or contact your therapist.

Daring Way™ Intensive Program

Do you find yourself pretending, wearing a mask, or using walls as protection because someone might see the ‘real’ you? Are you a perfectionist, hoping that if you can get things just right, you will no longer have to be afraid? Do you try too hard to please others? Do you experience physical symptoms such as pains, tics or stuttering that have no physical explanation? Do you find yourself blowing up, and wondering why? Are you plagued with chronic anxiety, depression or phobias? Do you lack confidence at work home or school? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

This is an in-depth three day group program that will offer you the opportunity to learn how shame plays a role in our lives and contributes to all kinds of emotional, psychological and social problems. You will learn to recognize shame, examine it from a personal and cultural perspective, understand how you currently cope with shame, and learn how to become resilient to shame in order to live more authentically. The Daring Way™ curriculum was designed by Brene Brown and incorporates the information from her research and her book, Daring Greatly.

The Daring Way™ Intensive Program is offered four times per year. 

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